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Organizational Design

​​​What would you like your organization to look like?  Does your organization encompass your vision, personality, core competencies, and values?  Let us help you Design, Redesign, Restructure, or Regenerate your business.

Writing Services
Our doctoral expertise makes writing a passion.  Let us help you in your writing, editing, publishing, and promotion of your first or next writing endeavor.  View our work at
Can God Trust You with Trouble?, No Disruptions, and Changing Steps: A Reflective Journey in Transition.   

Mentoring Program Design

Mentoring for Magnificence© 2010, Burl Randolph, Jr. requires building the bench from within. Let us develop a mentoring program tailored to fit your needs through: ​Program Development, Management, Operations, and Evaluation, while you invest in tomorrow, today.

​​​​​​​Leadership Development​

Leadership is about coping with change. 

​Let Coaching is the Cornerstone(C) 2015,MyWingman, LLC help you develop, evaluate, and cultivate tomorrows leaders, today using the 4GLD process (C), 2007, Burl Randolph, Jr.; of ​Grounding Junior Leaders, Growing Mid-level Leaders, Grooming C-Level Leaders, and Galvanizing Senior Leader, to work at the right level, in the right way. 

Performance Management 

Are you managing the performance in your organization, or is it managing you? Performance Management is the critical step prior to talent development and management.  Performance Management allows you Assess, Correct, and Direct coworkers and leaders to success.  Using CAREER: Communicate, Assess, Reset, Employee Engagement, and Results, performance management occurs in an efficient, effective, and fair manner.

​​Organizational Development

​Planning helps manage the changes on a fluid business battlefield, and for an uncertain future.  Let us help you develop your strategic business plan based on your vision, mission, core competencies, and objectives, to carry you through a VUCA environment.  This helps build your future.​​​                                                        

​​​Management Development​

​​Management is about coping with complexity.

Allow us to help you establish systems and processes that create usable tools for managers to become more efficient, and effective.  This might involve creating metrics with meaning; procedures that produce; and winning over the white space.   

​​MyWingman, LLC

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Strategic Thinking

Strategic planning starts with strategic thinking, and strategic thinking consist of five elements: Critical, Creative, and Systems Thinking, Cultural Framework, and Ethical Reasoning.  Once we set the scene, we diving into strategic planning the organizational diagnosis, design, and development. 

Toll Free: 1-866-242-2260

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​Organizational Diagnosis

Change is the constant in business, and leadership is about coping with change. Let MyWingman, LLC help you investigate, evaluate, and mitigate what and if changes need to occur in your organization, before committing major resources.  The diagnosis also provides the ability to provide training on certain recommendations provided during the feedback phase.