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What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?  Coaching normally involves the refinement of knowledge, skills, and abilities. The person being coached has a certain amount of expertise, and the coach refines that expertise. Mentoring is a developmental relationship that occurs in one of four phases: Youth, academic, workplace, or reflective, that creates understanding. This understanding is something the mentee cannot gain alone, but only through sharing experiences with a mentor.

Why do you differentiate between management and leadership?  Dr. John Kotter wrote that "Management is about coping with complexity; but leadership is about coping with change."  Management is about the day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month operations that requires systems, processes, tactics, techniques, and procedures to keep complex organizations operating smoothly. Leadership is about coping with the changes that occur in operations, and creating a vision for the future.

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What are the differences between military and business planning? The three greatest differences are Timeframes, Objectives, and Outcomes. The short, medium, and long-range timeframes may relate to tactical, operational, and strategic objectives, with outcomes to improve the lives of .... 

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At MyWingman, LLC, we love questions, with the best questions beginning with Why? Below are a few of the questions we receive on a regular basis, but are still fun to answer!

Why MyWingman?In the military, we use the concept of 'Someone always has your back'.  We have Battle Buddies, Teammates, Shipmates, and Wingmen. I designed MyWingman by connecting the My and Wingman to show the inseparability between partners.  


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What are some of the military planning tools you use? For strategic planning FAS-R, DIME, MDMP, and PMESII are just a few. FAS-R: Feasible, Acceptable, Sustainable - Risk DIME: Diplomatic, Internal, Military, and Economics; MDMP: Military Decision Making Process; PMESII-PT: Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, Infrastructure, Physical Environment, and Time. Every planning tool we use is easily translatable to business language and practices, and vice versa

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on the business battlefield. For developing tactics and strategy, analysis and assessments, coaching and mentoring, everyone needs a partner.  Let MyWingman, LLC be your partner for life's journey.

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